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  • Alabama Rig the Newest Bass Fishing Lure - worth it?

    Posted on May 17, 2012 by admin

    One of the newest -and most unique- bass fishing lures to hit the scene recently is the Alabama rig.  For those who are unfamiliar to this lure, it is simply a lure with a series of wires that protrude from the rear of the primary lure head. Each of the wire ends has a loop. Typically, a swivel is attached to the loop. On each of the swivels, another lure is attached. So, when completely rigged, you have the primary head and then a at the end of each wire you have a series of secondary lures. The intent of this rig is to imitate a school of fish as they swim through the water.

    Now that we've discussed what the Alabama rig is, how well does it work? Well, depending on to whom you speak, it either works great or works okay. The manufacturer claims that the rig has won a couple of tournaments. This does lend some credibility to the rig. However, a lot of bass fishing lure manufacturers make rather strong claims about their lures. One of the best ways to determine its effectiveness is to speak to some of the fishermen who have used it.

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